TCD to develop software curriculum for Intel

1 Feb 2006

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) has been selected by Intel Ireland to develop a state-of-the-art course in software development for multicore processors, the university said today.

The new course will form a key part of the computer science and computer engineering degree programmes and will be developed in collaboration with Intel specialists.

“Intel endorsing the new course on multicore software development is a great example of the success of close collaboration with industry,” said Professor Jane Grimson, head of the Department of Computer Science, TCD. “We look forward to working with Intel to deliver an exciting and stimulating experience for our students and to prepare them for successful careers in software development.”

The computer industry is currently undergoing a significant paradigm shift towards multicore processors and multithreaded software applications. With the best current technologies, the limits of single processor performance have been reached and it is only through the use of multiple, tightly coupled processors working in parallel that continued growth in speed and power can be achieved.

The availability of skilled computer science graduates with experience of development on these new architectures will be critical to the future of the industry and by working closely with Intel, TCD said it aims to deliver world-class graduates equipped to meet the challenges of this changing industry.

“The Department of Computer Science is at the forefront of teaching and research; we look forward to supporting and contributing to the development of a world-class course on multicore and multithreading software engineering to prepare students for careers at the cutting edge of computing,” said Padraig O’Murchu, higher-education manager of Intel Ireland.

By John Kennedy