Teachers’ body in €600,000 IT upgrade

2 Apr 2008

Irish IT managed services company Typetec has completed a €600,000 rollout of systems and services for the Irish National Teachers’ Association (INTO).

Typetec updated legacy systems in INTO’s head office and undertook a total reorganisation of the underlying IT infrastructure in the first phase of the project. This phase also included the management of INTO’s move into a new extension of their Dublin office. INTO’s Belfast office was also connected to the central network.

Typetec has also supplied HP laptops to INTO’s 160 branch secretaries and 50 executive members across Ireland, together with security and access solutions such as virtual private networks and secure remote services.

“We are now able to use our IT infrastructure to strengthen the links between our 181 branches and head office, which means our staff and officers have more time to deal with the issues that really matter to our members,” said Sheila Nunan, general treasurer and deputy general secretary, INTO.

“INTO’s commitment to using modern technologies to deliver secure quality services to their members is a shining example for other trade unions and representative bodies across the country. They’ve made excellent use of mobile technology developments to keep a very distributed network of staff constantly in touch with head office and their colleagues across the island,” said Tom Close, managing director, Typetec.

Typetec was established in 1982. Headquartered in Dublin, it currently employs 50 people.

INTO represents more than 27,500 primary school teachers in the Republic of Ireland and more than 6,000 primary and post-primary teachers in Northern Ireland.

By Niall Byrne

Pictured – Sheila Nunan, general treasurer and deputy general secretary, INTO, and Tom Close, managing director, Typetec