The ISS as seen from Earth (photo)

3 Jul 2015

The ISS flying by the moon, via Dylan O'Donnell

Quite often we at Silicon Republic look at images of space, often from space. We rely on excellent sources like NASA and the ESA for many, but occasionally a surprise is thrown up. Like this.

Dylan O’Donnell, an astrophotography enthusiast, captured this pretty incredible image of the ISS from Earth as it whizzed by the moon a few nights ago.

He had to move fast, too, as he had a third of a second to see it fly by – thanks to a tip-off from Another site that can point you in the right direction is here.

ISS as seen from earth, via Dylan O'Donnell | ISS from Earth

ISS as seen from earth, via Dylan O’Donnell

“The CalSky website sends me alerts for potential flyovers for which I’ve been waiting a long time – about 12 months. I got one this week and this was adjusted by 15 seconds by the time of the ‘occultation’,” said O’Donnell.

He essentially took his Canon 70D, attached it to the rear cell of a Celestron 9.25in telescope and sat there, waiting for the prescribed time to come.

“Knowing the second it would pass I fired a ‘burst’ mode of exposures then crossed my fingers and hoped it would show up in review – and it did!”

*Update* This article was updated at 11.45 on Friday 3 July, removing reference that the ISS was flying over Ireland today. It’s not, we misread it.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic