Tyndall gets €10m funding injection

13 Aug 2010

Electronics and medical devices research at Tyndall National Institute to receive cash boost.

Two groups of scientists at Tyndall National Institute in Cork will each receive up to €5m over the next five years for research that could yield new products for the electronics and medical devices industries, according to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe TD.

The two industry-led research centres are focusing on applied nanotechonology and microelectronics to drive new

innovation and product design across the medical and electronics sectors.

At Tyndall, researchers in nanotechnology are developing integrated circuits for sensors and medical devices, while another group of researchers is designing microelectronics circuits.

The centre will develop and licence intellectual property in microelectronics to firms that can take the technology to the global marketplace.

Firms including Intel, Analog Devices, Creganna and Seagate are helping both research teams to bring a commercial and market-orientated focus to their work.

Minister O’Keeffe said the Government’s investment in the Competence Centres Programme will rise to €90m over the next six years.

“Collaborative company-led research will get under way in the research centres which will rise from six this year to 15 in 2016.

“Clusters of firms will work together to overcome common research challenges and drive opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs,” he added.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic