Tyndall researcher wins Intel’s Outstanding Researcher Award 2013

21 Jun 2013

Intel fellow Kelin Kuhn presents Tyndall's Brian Corbett with the Intel Outstanding Researcher Award

Tyndall Institute researcher Brian Corbett has been recognised by chip giant Intel as winner of the Outstanding Researcher Award as decided by Intel’s Semiconductor Technology Council.

The award is recognition of the all-round high quality collaboration from the research team at Tyndall with the Intel team.

The award comes just a month after Intel and University College Cork (UCC)-based Tyndall renewed a research partnership worth €1.5m over the next three years.

Future Human

The purpose of the research was to investigate the critical light source for fibre connections to the CPU in a computer.

Corbett and his team delivered practical results consistently over the last number of years and the team’s expertise in device fabrication and characterisation have enabled the project to meet its milestones.

In addition, through the regular contact with Intel experts in Portland, Oregon, Corbett has provided some excellent insights and understanding into the behaviour of fabricated photonic devices and associated assembly challenges, while working on ways to improve the design and process flow.

The award was presented by Intel fellow and director of Advanced Device Technology at the Technology Manufacturing Group, Dr Kelin Kuhn, who commented “in making these awards we give careful consideration to both the excellence of the research and its practical applications. I am delighted to say that Brian Corbett has excelled in both categories.”

Leonard Hobbs, Intel Ireland’s research manager, said he was delighted a member of the Tyndall’s team had received such a prestigious award for a second year running and that this was a strong endorsement of the quality and breadth of the research in the facility.

The chief executive of the Tyndall Institute Dr Kieran Drain said: “This award recognises the research conducted by Brian Corbett is of the highest quality worldwide and is extremely relevant to the challenges faced by today’s semiconductor industry.

“Brian is now the third Tyndall scientist to be awarded the Intel Outstanding Researcher Award. Tyndall is focused on carrying out leading research, development and innovation that can deliver concrete economic and societal impact through excellence.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years