UK is up to speed with electric car proposals

16 Apr 2009

Consumers in the UK are to be offered incentives of up to £5,000 sterling to purchase an electric car under government plans, which will be released today.

The creation of electric car cities across the UK is also set to be announced today, along with the launch of experiments with ultra-green vehicles.

According to the Guardian, the proposals are part of a £250m sterling strategy to revolutionise the UK’s road transport network using ultra-low carbon vehicles.

This new strategy will be in tune with helping the UK meet its targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 26pc by 2020 and by 80pc by 2050.

The public will be offered various models of electric cars to try out. The strategy also proposes £20m sterling to interest cities and regions in developing an infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.

Up to 200 electric cars will also be available in city centres across the UK for the public to try out.

Car makers themselves will be involved in the strategy, with up to £100m sterling being made available to them to conduct research.

By Carmel Doyle

Pictured: the REVA L-ion is the latest version of the best selling REVAi, a need breed of electric city car