Up to 100 schools deploy maths and science classroom ICT aid

17 Nov 2009

Some 100 schools across Ireland have deployed new software that boosts the teaching of maths and sciences in the classroom.

The schools have deployed the new yTeach software that opens students up to the wonders of science via quizzes and video experiments.

The distributors of the software say the software is an ideal resource for teachers anxious to boost take-up of maths and science and also make use of the Government’s plan to invest €150 million in classroom ICT over the next three years.


Prim-Ed Publishing, a Wexford-based company, exclusively distributes the service in Ireland. The company has been closely linked with education in Ireland for more than a decade.

“Our aim is to provide attractive and stimulating ways of enhancing lessons for pupils and teachers alike,” maintained yTeach’s Eilis Doyle. “Already, close to 100 Irish schools have signed up and are buying credits online to improve the quality and quantity of work covered in the classroom.

“Teachers tell us that yTeach has completely revolutionised the way they approach each lesson and how their pupils learn. They can create interactive presentations for each individual class – mixing ready-to-use lessons and dropping and dragging in bits and pieces to create their own personalised lessons or assign homework or project work.

“Each ready-to-use e-lesson consists of a selection of interactive activities, simulations, animations and videos, as well as assessment tools offering meaningful feedback to teachers and students,” Doyle added.

Various resources

yTeach has been designed primarily for use by teachers and consists of a wide range of high-quality educational resources aimed at pupils in the final years of primary school, Junior and Leaving Certificate levels.

It includes thousands of maths and science resources for primary-school pupils, as well as visually stimulating, practical and informative assistance to second-level pupils and teachers in biology, chemistry, maths and physics at Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle levels.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The new yTeach has been designed to boost the teaching of maths and sciences. Nearly 100 Irish schools have expressed interest in the software.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years