Watch live: NASA offers chance to view total lunar eclipse online

8 Oct 2014

Blood moon. Image via NASA

In less than an hour’s time, the US and Asia will be treated to a rare lunar treat, a total eclipse, or blood moon, but thanks to technology, so can you.

The origin of the term ‘blood moon’ corresponds to the red colour that is emitted from the moon as its orbit passes in front of the sun when an eclipse happens at night time.

As scientists have become quite accurate in predicating to the smallest millisecond when lunar events will happen, the time expected for the total eclipse is 10.25am UTC but the moon began to creep across the sun’s path at 8am UTC.

The timeline for the total eclipse. Image via Tomruen

Skygazers in Ireland, because of the angles involved, will not have a chance to see one of the wonders of our skies that has amazed and mystified mankind for thousands of years.

US space agency NASA, however, is on hand to make it possible for anyone to see the eclipse from the comfort of their living room or office (that is if your boss is not looking).

NASA is providing a live stream of the eclipse from its headquarters, while also providing a live webchat, where people can ask questions and learn more about the lunar event.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic