Weekend takeaway: Welcome to the future

21 Apr 2017

Meydan Bridge in the futuristic city of Dubai. Image: Mohammed Tareq/Shutterstock

From flying cars to paying with our fingerprints, we bring you the biggest advancements in the sci-tech world this week. Welcome to the future, Marty!

1. Flying cars to hit the roads and skies as early as next year

Flying cars are getting closer and closer to reality as two European companies revealed their first models at a supercar show in Monaco.

2. UCD professor takes a close look at the chemistry of water

Prof Aoife Gowen is examining water in a bid to improve medical devices and food safety. She spoke to Claire O’Connell.

3. Dozens of Irish researchers secure €12.9m for climate studies

The Environmental Protection Agency revealed that 41 Irish researchers were approved for a total of €12.9m for climate-related studies.

4. Facebook wants to hook your brain up to a computer to talk

Facebook has gone full science fiction at F8, revealing new technology that will let you talk to your computer ‘telepathically’ using a brain-computer interface.

5. Mastercard ditching PIN, soon we can use fingerprints to pay

Innovation is never far from the fingertips of financial services, with Mastercard making the move to biometric cards. It’s bye bye, PINs.

6. Newly discovered super-Earth might be the best candidate for life so far

It seems as if a new ‘Earth 2.0’ is discovered every month, and this particular planet is being described as the best candidate to potentially host alien life.

7. Soon, we’ll be able to 3D-print parts for knee surgery

Knee surgery could be set for an overhaul as researchers have developed cartilage-mimicking, 3D-printing material in the US.

8. Enet claims 1m end users now connect across its networks

Enet’s 1m users include mobile phone and device holders, public sector workers and multinationals’ staff.

9. €782,000 awarded to commercialise eight NUIG research projects

Eight research projects underway at NUI Galway have been awarded funding to commercialise their ideas, ranging from renewable energy to treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

10. Hubble shows off galactic friends for 27th birthday celebration

Hubble has been monitoring space for 27 years now, and its latest anniversary is celebrated with an image of two close friends.

Meydan Bridge in the futuristic city of Dubai. Image: Mohammed Tareq/Shutterstock

Shelly Madden was sub-editor of Silicon Republic