Weekend takeaway: Scope out the top sci-tech stories of the week

18 Aug 2017

Image: Allexxanda/Shutterstock

From soaring into outer space to shattering stereotypes down on Earth, we give you the top 10 sci-tech stories of the week.

1. What to expect in Ireland during the August solar eclipse

Set to take place on Monday 21 August, the solar eclipse might be a bit underwhelming for Irish viewers in comparison to our US counterparts. That said, if you head to Mizen Head in Cork, you might just get lucky.

2. Largest known near-Earth asteroid set to whizz past us in September

Our planet is about to be reminded just how vulnerable it is, with NASA revealing that we are soon to be passed by an enormous asteroid called Florence.

3. With eyes on Mars, 15-year-old Emirati girl’s experiment heads into space

Future Human

If ever there was a role model for young girls and women looking to advance in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), it would be 15-year-old Emirati girl Alia Al Mansoori.

4. Eimear Noone’s response to her naysayers is inspiration for us all

Conductor and composer Eimear Noone faced plenty of adversity in her dream to enter a traditionally male career, but that wasn’t going to stop her.

5. Bringing light to darkness: Why we fight for diversity

Siliconrepublic.com editor John Kennedy reflects upon the recent tragic events at Charlottesville and the ongoing diversity scandal at Google, outlining why the cause for diversity has never been more critical.

6. Powerful new painkiller that lasts for days could help end opioid addiction

The simple painkiller is perhaps the most common form of medication across the globe, and now, one has been developed that not only works for longer with a small dose, but could also prevent opioid addiction.

7. ‘If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens’

Dr Sue Black spoke about her personal experiences at Inspirefest 2017, explaining how she went from a life full of disruption and chaos, to earning her PhD, being honoured with an OBE, and meeting such celebrities as Queen Elizabeth and Will.i.am.

8. Ancient molecules unlock secret of how first animals appeared on Earth

The appearance of the first animals on Earth was a pivotal moment in our planet’s history, but their origin has remained a complete mystery – until now. New research published by a team from the Australian National University (ANU) appears to have revealed a groundbreaking discovery, quite literally.

9. Liberty IT’s tech director: ‘The real challenge is finding out what the customer wants’

As part of our Five-Minute CIO series, we spoke to Dave Anderson, director of technology at Liberty IT, about software development and how we can ensure that it marches in step with real customer needs.

10. Expecting the unexpected in the Irish start-up scene

This week on Leaders’ Insights, we spoke to Irene Dehaene, head of corporate affairs at NDRC, about how she keeps things ticking over in Ireland’s vibrant start-up scene.

Shelly Madden was sub-editor of Silicon Republic