ZOE electric car sets world record for drive – Renault

14 Jun 2012

The ZOE EV crosses the finishing line in Aubevoye technical centre in Normandy in early June

Auto giant Renault is claiming its ZOE vehicle has set a new world record for the longest distance travelled in 24 hours by a production electric car, during a marathon relay in Normandy, France, in early June.

Apparently ZOE completed 363 laps of the Aubevoye speed ring in Normandy in early June to achieve a distance of 1,618km in 24 hours during a driving relay that involved 15 drivers who took turns at the wheel during the marathon drive.

Renault said ZOE has beaten the former record of 1,280km by 25pc.

The automaker said the 24-hour drive was carried out in the presence of an official observer and is now pending the Guinness Book of Records homologation.

It was on 1 June that two Renault ZOE vehicles set out on the speed ring at the Aubevoye technical centre. Fifteen drivers from Aubevoye, Cléon, Sandouville, Flins, Douai and Grand Couronne ended up taking turns at the wheel, driving and charging as necessary.

And, 24 hours later, Renault said the two ZOE vehicles crossed the finishing line, with a mileage of 1,618km and 1,506km respectively.

The cars themselves were charged up using a Caméléon charger that Renault said is compatible with any socket and any power level.

It said ZOE was fast-charged at 43kW, which meant it regained 80pc of battery capacity in less than 30 minutes. Overall, the finalist ZOE was fast-charged 18 times in 24 hours.

“This is a superb technical and human adventure. This victory is the result of a joint commitment to showcasing the quality of Renault electric vehicles,” said Bernard Dumondel, customer specifications electric vehicles director and challenge co-ordinator at Renault.

While in France the ZOE will have a price tag of around €15,700 upwards when it becomes available in dealerships there by the end of the year. In Ireland, the price of the electric vehicle won’t be confirmed until later this year.

Renault is set to reveal the first ZOE in Ireland in October.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic