10 filmmaker memes preview the career

24 Feb 2015

In honour of the recent Oscars, this week’s career memes turn the spotlight on the makers of movies.

What they do: Write scripts, hire staff for a film, establish a budget and ensure production stays within budget, determine film-making requirements, such as props, equipment, and access to locations, manage the set and filming, supervise film editing, and manage the film’s release.

What they don’t do: Nominate themselves for an Oscar.

Educational requirements: A background in film studies can provide potential filmmakers with knowledge about the industry and filmmaking techniques.

Required skills: Filmmakers should possess creativity, vision and leadership, be able to manage staff and communicate their ideas well, pay attention to detail and multitask, and obviously understand the filmmaking process.

Salary: Filmmakers can expect to earn an annual starting salary of US$31,650, with the potential to earn up to US$187,040. The average salary is US$90,240, according to Sokanu.com.

Tina Costanza
By Tina Costanza

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic. She came to Ireland from Canada, where she had held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto. When she wasn’t saving dangling participles, she was training for 10K races or satisfying a craving for scones.

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