10 intern memes reflect their work lives

17 Feb 2015

This week’s career memes offer tongue-in-cheek support to interns, the individuals who are working to sharpen their skills and gain experience in a particular field.

What they do: An intern’s responsibilities are obviously dependent on where he or she is working. Generally speaking, however, an intern may carry out more entry-level type of work as well as complete tasks to support his or her boss and/or colleagues.

What they don’t do: Interns don’t have the luxury of opting not to do something.

Educational requirements: A background in the field in which the intern wants to establish a career.

Required skills: Good communication and organisational skills, attention to detail, determination, time management, ability to receive and work with critique and feedback, and a desire to learn and apply that knowledge in work.

Salary: Varies, depending on the organisation. Some interns may only earn experience, some may earn a small stipend, while others may earn a more generous income at major high-profile companies (such as the company whose name rhymes with ‘Schmoogle’, for example).   

Tina Costanza
By Tina Costanza

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic. She came to Ireland from Canada, where she had held senior editorial positions at daily newspapers in Ottawa and Toronto. When she wasn’t saving dangling participles, she was training for 10K races or satisfying a craving for scones.

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