A week of ups and downs in tech careers news

25 Sep 2015

This week in tech careers news has been a bit up and down, with jobs announcements being balanced out by some distressing news. It’s all a bit swings and roundabouts…

Those tech jobs announcements were relatively few – 52 new roles as Future Finance and Equilume expanded, and a further 110 as India-based corporate learning company NIIT Limited announced a new EMEA office in Dublin.

And NIIT weren’t the only newcomers we talked about during the week. We interviewed Suzanne Baxter, a senior business analyst at IFDS, who moved here from Canada and now calls Ireland home.

We also wrote about all those we’ve spoken to over the years who have moved here from Italy for jobs in tech – how they gave up the sunshine, we’ll never know, but they seem to like it here.

This week, we heard about one of the initiatives hoping to inspire younger generations to get into tech, filling the talent pipeline in years to come – Google’s Call to Code aims to increase the number of teenagers interested in coding.

There was also some bad news on the career development front, as it was revealed that implicit bias is a huge problem in science, with a new study showing that some 67pc of people worldwide think that women do not have the abilities required to be scientists.

We’re loath to leave you on that grim and depressing note so, as always, we’ll finish up with some stuff to make you laugh – IT support memes and videos that will, hopefully, cheer you right back up.

For more information on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. 50 jobs announced at Future Finance and Equilume

A raft of support roles have been announced in Dublin as Future Finance and Equilume plan to expand their operations.

2. 110 jobs for Dublin as NIIT Limited opens Ireland office

NIIT Limited is setting up a European headquarters in Dublin, bringing 110 jobs to the Irish capital over the next five years.

3. Business analyst from Canada makes Dublin home

Suzanne Baxter, a senior business analyst at IFDS, speaks to Siliconrepublic.com about the Irish friendliness, and about our ‘temperate climate’.

4. Tech talent moves from Italy to dynamic Ireland

The influx of talented tech candidates from other countries is something that has become commonplace in the Irish tech scene over the last number of years. A lot of those candidates came here from Italy.

5. Google launches Call to Code 2015 for Irish teens

The second iteration of Google’s Call to Code competition has been announced for this year, with entries to come from Ireland’s secondary schools.

6. L’Oréal says implicit bias against women in science is rampant

An international study conducted by the L’Oréal Foundation has revealed rather depressing findings: the vast majority of people across the world still believe that women can’t be scientists.

7. 10 IT support memes that everybody understands

IT support is a job that operates in a weird sphere of frustration, handed back and forth between customer and specialist in an odd, unhappy game of verbal tennis. Here are some memes and videos to better describe the sorry exchanges.

Looking for tech jobs in Ireland? Check out our Featured Employers section for information on companies hiring right now.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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