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Triona Geraghty, ACIA. Image: Connor McKenna/Silicon Republic

What kind of roles are available at ACIA?

14 Feb 2019

Want to know how to land a role at the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics? We spoke to Triona Geraghty to find out.

There are plenty of jobs in the tech industry if you know where to look, but it’s finding the right fit that can be the difficult part.

Aside from finding the right role for you, you will also want a company with values that align with your own. Once you’ve found that, you’ll want to know how to land a job there.

Triona Geraghty is the deputy HR director at Aon. She said the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) is looking to fill a wide range of roles, including “data scientists, data architects and engineers, data analysts, business analysts, and the agile project delivery professionals”.

If you’re looking to fill one of those roles, you’ll need to know where ACIA looks for its candidates. Geraghty said there are four main sources the company uses to find its candidates: early career programmes, such as internships and graduate programmes; internal candidates; referrals; and advertising the roles, both on its own platform and on Irishjobs.ie.

“We advertise all our roles and many of our positions are filled internally, providing that career progression for our existing colleagues,” she said.

Geraghty said the company also found referrals an excellent way of finding candidates. “Existing colleagues often refer people from their network [or] people they’ve worked with previously for roles they feel they would be a good fit for.”

Advice for candidates

If you’re interested in applying for one of the roles, you will want to know how to stand out from the other candidates.

Geraghty said it’s important that candidates have real-life examples of how they made an impact from their past experience and to bring that to life in their job interview. “That could be as simple as streamlining a process that delivered efficiencies to the business or it could be a strategic initiative to introduce a new service or product,” she said.

Geraghty added that research shows the top two things that jobseekers look for in a job apart from salary are interesting projects to work on and flexibility in working arrangements. “Here at Aon, we can definitely offer both of those,” she said.

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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