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Risk takers in high demand at Aon’s Centre for Innovation and Analytics

21 Dec 2016

At the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics, risk takers and those passionate about tech will thrive.

Aon is a household name, with a reputation as a quality insurance brokerage and risk management service. What is perhaps less well known is the company’s technological side.

In Dublin, Aon operates the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics (ACIA), at which the company utilises its data capabilities and delivers data-driven insights to clients around the world.

While many might think that working with Aon would confine them to roles in insurance and professional services, the range of work at ACIA ensures that those with a more technical skill set would fit in well.

“We do the data harvesting for vast amounts of Aon’s data worldwide. We process and cleanse that information, using the latest data management tools. We do the data science bit, also, so that would include machine learning, data mining and other techniques like that,” said Fergal Collins, ACIA CEO.

That breadth of work – as well as the global nature of Aon’s work – is something that Emma Lynch, a data scientist at ACIA, believes should attract talent to the company.

“It affords people opportunities in terms of training, courses and the chance to work with large-scale data sets,” said Lynch.

“[Talent has] the opportunity to take advantage of the diverse knowledge base within the company as well, and gain the skills they need to move forward.”

But what kind of talent is Aon seeking for ACIA? What traits, backgrounds and skills would stand an applicant in good stead for one of these technology roles?

According to Joseph Daly, a HR partner at ACIA, there are a number of criteria, from a risk-taking nature to passion for tech and analytics, and a comfort in communicating across all levels of the business.

“It’s a combination of these traits that enable[s] us to provide cutting-edge insights to our clients around the world,” said Daly.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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