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Axiom hiring push to continue as new Belfast office expands

20 Apr 2017

Axiom, a provider of technology-enabled legal services, is showing no signs of slowing its recruitment drive, with the need for new office space now satisfied.

When Axiom set up its Northern Ireland office in 2012, more than 100 people were sought within two years.

Having met that target, a near-doubling of staff was then planned for the end of this decade.

The company has almost reached that total already, with several years to spare, so a new recruitment drive is now underway.

Axiom has announced the official opening of its new Belfast centre of excellence, located in the Lincoln building on Great Victoria Street. The new site represents a significant expansion of the company’s Belfast operations, providing space for up to 350 members of staff – previously, 220 was the maximum it could hold.

“Axiom’s unprecedented growth in Belfast represents the perfect confluence of client demand, market demographics, unique delivery model and our distinctively different culture,” said Al Giles, EVP and head of commercial at Axiom.

“Our journey to Belfast was strategic, not accidental. Axiom’s robust hiring, and continued plans to do so, are a testament to the quality of legal professionals in Northern Ireland.”

With 183 employees to date, the company is planning to break through the 199 target (which was set last year) in the coming months.

The company has not clarified how many further hires can be expected, but it does claim that it will exceed that 199 figure.

The emerging field of regulatory response and derivative documentation sees numerous industries converging, though it is primarily legal professionals operating within.

In response, Axiom offers both its lawyers and the larger Belfast legal market an introduction to this burgeoning field through collaboration with the University of Ulster.

“Over the last five years, Axiom has created valuable legal services employment opportunities in high-quality roles to service FTSE 100 companies around the globe from Belfast,” said Brian Dolaghan, Invest NI’s director of technology and services.

“Its growth to date is extremely encouraging and reflects the continued expansion of Northern lreland’s legal services cluster, which offers innovative delivery models and world-class technology solutions.”

Gordon Hunt
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