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Irish IT support firm BITS expects new jobs after CipherTechs GDPR deal

3 Jul 2017

Irish IT support firm BITS is expected to grow its staff numbers after agreeing to partner with digital forensics group CipherTechs.

With companies racing to make sure that their systems are GDPR-ready, IT companies are finding it is a good time to be in this line of business.

One such company is BITS, having recently announced that it is to partner with global digital forensics group CipherTechs to work together on high-level security projects right across Ireland, in preparation for the May 2018 deadline.

Under the EU rules, server managers will be held responsible for any breach of data. If a breach does occur, the company could face significant fines, based on its annual turnover.

BITS is CipherTechs’ first ever Irish teaming partner and the new agreement is expected to see job numbers at the former grow over the coming months, with the expectation of bringing higher-level security staff on board for joint projects.

BITS currently employs 12 staff and it hopes to grow this number to 20 over the next 36 months.

CipherTechs is relatively new to Ireland, having opened its EMEA headquarters in Kilkenny in 2015, with an international headquarters based in New York.

The Irish branch is responsible for providing clients services such as IP networking, firewalls, application security, risk assessment, traffic management, encryption, redundancy and strong authentication. These clients so far cover a variety of sectors, including legal, financial services, Government, media and advertising as well as education and telecoms.

“IT and network security is part of our core business and an area we want to grow into the future,” said BITS’ managing partner, Gavin Dixon.

“This new teaming agreement means that working together with CipherTechs, we carry more weight and will get a greater foothold in an even bigger market.”

Meanwhile, CipherTechs’ information security manager, Laurence Conroy, added: “[BITS] are our first ever Irish partner and we look forward to working closely with their expert team.

“IT security has never been more important, not just for large multinationals, but for smaller firms, too.”

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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