Blacknight to increase its staff across 2012

16 Apr 2012

Irish registrar and hosting firm Blacknight expects to increase its employee base in the coming months, saying it has remained ‘relatively untouched’ by Europe’s current troubled economy.

Blacknight is currently hiring for three roles – a senior Linux (UNIX) systems engineer, a junior software engineer and a software engineer. It said it will hire ‘several more’ staff members in the coming months.

The company said it has remained ‘relatively untouched’ by Europe’s economic difficulties and is experiencing a steadily increasing customer demand. As a result, it expects to increase its staff to meet this demand.

“We are very good at what we do and our customers are our top priority,” said Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight.

“While other companies focus on the bottom line, we are constantly creating new products and fine tuning those currently available to provide an optimal experience for our users. That focus is reflected in our current success.”

“We’re hiring for three roles now, but we’ll probably be hiring for several more in the coming months. I physically don’t have space for all the staff I’d like to have,” said Neylon.

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