Bruton announces 170 new jobs at Shannon Free Zone

27 Apr 2011

ZAGG International Distribution and CREGG Logistics have officially announced they are creating 170 new jobs at Shannon Free Zone with the support of Shannon Development.

Earlier reports stated that the partnership would be generating 140 jobs. Brian S. Packer, MD of ZAGG International, confirmed earlier reports that he expected a total of 300 jobs to be created over the next four years.

ZAGG International Distribution, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZAGG Inc., an American company headquartered in Utah, will create 40 new jobs (over five years) at Shannon Free Zone. The new company will carry out the sales and marketing, product design and administrative activities of the European expansion of ZAGG’s business.

ZAGG is replicating its operating model in the US by partnering with CREGG Logistics, which will produce its invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGskins for personal electronic devices and be responsible for distributing the full range of ZAGG products.

CREGG has established a new company to work in partnership with ZAGG International Distribution at Shannon Free Zone, and will create 130 new jobs (over two years). As business partner to ZAGG, CREGG Logistics will have sole responsibility for the manufacturing, assembly, packaging and logistics aspects of the new venture.

“This is fantastic boost for Shannon. ZAGG Inc is a publicly quoted company on the NASDAQ which has doubled its turnover year on year since first establishing in 2005. The company’s turnover in 2010 was over $76 million. The CREGG Group has a great track record in Shannon and already operates three successful companies employing up to 750 people and with a turnover last year of €15 million,” said Dr Vincent Cunnane, chief executive, Shannon Development.

Brian S. Packer, managing director Zagg International Distribution said: “While we will be recruiting for a number of key positions, the majority of jobs will be created indirectly as ZAGG International will create a good number of jobs through our partnerships and key vendors such as CREGG Logistics. In total we expect over 300 jobs to be created over the next four years.”

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