Career Zoo launch, l-r Selcan Sengul (Etsy), Jackie Slattery (Director of Career Zoo), Casey Roberts and Wes Brien (New Relic), Tara Hayes (Etsy)
Pictured at the Career Zoo launch in Sophie's, Dublin, are (l-r) Selcan Sengul (Etsy), Jackie Slattery (Director of Career Zoo), Casey Roberts and Wes Brien (New Relic) and Tara Hayes (Etsy). Photo: Conor McCabe Photography

15 employers you don’t want to miss at Career Zoo

12 Feb 2016

With Career Zoo, Ireland’s leading recruitment event, fast approaching, we took a look at the line-up and picked out some of the big industry employers you don’t want to miss on the day.

It’s no secret that the Irish STEM sector is booming. Every week sees more and more jobs announced, particularly in tech and the sciences.

At Career Zoo – taking place on Saturday 20 February in The Convention Centre Dublin – many of the world’s biggest tech, biopharma and financial services sector employers will be exhibiting, hoping to scoop up the best and brightest for roles from engineering to finance to sales.

As Career Zoo is such a big event – bigger this year than usual, with more panel discussions and workshops than ever before – it can be hard to wade through all of the many exhibitors to find the ones you’re interested in.

We’re here to make that a little bit easier, with a list of 15 employers you don’t want to miss out on at the event.


Career Zoo: Aol branding
Image via Luke Maxwell

An international internet company, AOL is a household name around the world. What fewer people might be aware of is that AOL is also a leading provider of digital content.

AOL’s Dublin operation has more than 150 people on staff, with a focus on development. The company is in a constant search for talent, and is currently hiring for DevOps and data analytics roles, among others.

In addition to exhibiting at Career Zoo, AOL will be involved in coding workshops on the day.


Asavie is a connectivity services company, creating solutions to support the development of internet of things technology.

The company is currently in a rapid growth phase. Having announced 106 jobs in late December, Asavie is again looking to fill more open positions, from engineering to marketing.

Bank of Ireland

Many people think of banks in a stuffy, traditional sense, but what most people don’t realise is that those same banks have a hugely involved tech aspect. The advent of internet banking, mobile banking and new payment methods – not to mention the need for cybersecurity – has led to much more varied jobs being on offer within banking.

A sponsor of this spring’s Career Zoo, Bank of Ireland will be on site speaking to candidates interested in working within the financial sector.

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a software development company, supporting engineers and architects as they work on the world’s physical infrastructure.

Hiring for positions in sales and management, Bentley systems will be at Career Zoo looking for candidates from all over the world to join the company.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

A global biologics company, Bristol-Myers Squibb works to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious illnesses.

The company has operations in Dublin, and is currently expanding, with plans to hire for 400 roles between now and 2018.


Person-to-person money exchange service CurrencyFair has one simple aim at heart: making the transfer of money abroad easier, faster and cheaper.

The company recently announced an expansion in Dublin – with 50 new jobs attached – and intentions to take on the US market, indicating the expectation of growth at the company. Those new jobs include data science, risk and compliance, and client-facing roles.


Daqri is a recent addition to the Dublin STEM landscape, opening its European HQ here less than a year ago. The LA-headquartered company, which operates at the cutting edge of human-machine technology, announced 30 jobs at the time of launch.

In addition to exhibiting at Career Zoo – and likely looking to fill roles in development and engineering, among others – Daqri will be operating a wearables workshop.


Career Zoo: Etsy letters
Image via Connor McKenna

Etsy is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces. With a strong focus on ethical trading and culture, the company has a strong ethos of embracing the individual and unique – in fact, these qualities are encouraged in employees.

Headline sponsors of this spring event, Etsy are in the middle of an expansion in Dublin, and will be recruiting for roles in engineering, finance, risk and legal.


One of the Big Four audit firms, EY is a multinational professional services firm with a focus on building a better working world – this stretches from ensuring sustainable growth and development of talent to embodying an ethos of inclusion (EY was named Employer of the Year at the GLEN Workplace Equality Index Awards 2015).

A Career Zoo sponsor, EY will be on hand on the day looking to recruit for roles in cybersecurity and management, among others.


MSD is a global biopharma firm (known as Merck outside Europe), developing new medicines, vaccines, biological therapies and animal health products, with a view to helping people (and animals) around the world.

With manufacturing facilities at five locations in Ireland, MSD invests millions every year in research. They are hiring for chemists and process engineers, among many others.

New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company taking on tough challenges and solving problems to help app builders understand the complex data gathered from app use.

The company has had a base in Dublin (the San Francisco-based company’s first international office) since 2014, and is currently hiring technical support engineers and sales staff.


Online payments service PayPal is veritably huge. Integrated into most online payments systems and widely used for personal transactions, the e-commerce company is truly global.

With operations in Dublin and Dundalk, PayPal is a big employer in Ireland, and will be speaking to candidates at Career Zoo about a plethora of roles from engineering to account management.


The business and technology operations subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Pramerica is based in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. The company has a strong ethos of career development and growth, nurturing existing employees to develop skills in both tech and finance.

Pramerica announced a whopping 330 new jobs less than a year ago, to be brought online with an expansion to new facilities at the Letterkenny site. The Career Zoo sponsor will be at the event talking to candidates about careers in engineering, development and analysis.


The largest professional services firm in the world, PwC offers a broad range of services in the audit, tax and advisory spheres.

They are a huge employer, announcing just before Christmas that they would be adding 500 new jobs to their Irish operations this year alone. These will touch on areas as diverse as cybersecurity and risk management.

Version 1

Version 1 is an IT services company, founded in Ireland and currently enjoying a broad degree of success. With offices in Dublin, Cork and Belfast, and throughout the UK, the company espouses an ethos designed to make working there feel like more than just a job.

At Career Zoo, Version 1 will be on hand and interested in talking to candidates about roles in database administration, java architecture and engineering, among many others.

Looking for tech jobs in Ireland? Check out our Featured Employers section for information on companies hiring right now.

Updated at 1.10pm on 12 February: An earlier version of this article stated that Career Zoo would have an extra floor for activities at the spring event. That is not the case.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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