Career Zoo: Interview with Gerry Prizeman, Bank of Ireland
Gerry Prizeman, head of enterprise development at Bank of Ireland

Career Zoo: Interview with Gerry Prizeman, Bank of Ireland

17 Sep 2014

We spoke to Gerry Prizeman of Bank of Ireland at Career Zoo in Dublin on Saturday, who thinks the tech scene in Ireland is leading a nationwide jobs boost.

Bank of Ireland have been making considerable movements in the Irish tech scene in recent years at this month’s edition of Career Zoo sponsored its Tech Town section where a host of companies including Ammeon, Intercom, Layer Labz, System Dynamics and Vantage were reaching out to jobseekers.

On top of this, Bank of Ireland are currently running an accelerator programme that includes a number of tech-related businesses in Cork and are sponsors of the NDRC Fintech programme.

From an overall perspective, Prizeman says that he jobs market has definitely been improving over the last number of months but, he says, the tech industry is definitely leading this push in the right direction: “If you look at the overall jobs market, you’re seeing unemployment numbers coming down and an increase in volume of jobs on to the market and clearly, tech is driving some of those jobs.”

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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