Career Zoo: Interview with James Milligan, Hays Ireland
James Milligan, senior business director with Hays Ireland

Career Zoo: Interview with James Milligan, Hays Ireland

18 Sep 2014

We spoke to James Milligan of Hays Ireland at Career Zoo in Dublin on Saturday about the range of new tech roles employers are looking to fill within hiring companies.

Seemingly from Milligan’s perspective, the types of tech roles available in Ireland have remained relatively consistent for the last year or two.

Now however, the jobs and specific roles that companies are looking to fill are evolving to bring in the latest aspects of technology.

In particular, Hays Ireland has seen a number of data governance roles, as well as those relating to infrastructure begin to appear, all of which are part of the growth of the Irish job market as a whole, according to Milligan, who is Hays Ireland’s senior business director.

From a recruitment perspective, Milligan has found that tech companies have begun to hire more employees who may have come from a non-tech background but who have undergone some form of training.

“As the skills shortage continues to be acute, we’ll see employers become more flexible in hiring when looking at people’s backgrounds,” Milligan said.

Career Zoo interview: James Milligan, Hays

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