Career Zoo: Interview with John O’Keeffe, VP EMEA, Nitro
John O'Keeffe, Nitro's VP EMEA

Career Zoo: Interview with John O’Keeffe, VP EMEA, Nitro

24 Feb 2015

Document productivity and workflow player Nitro attended Career Zoo in Dublin recently and its VP EMEA John O’Keeffe told that meet-ups are important when it comes to finding the right job.

The Australian company has been in Ireland since October 2013, when it established its EMEA headquarters in Dublin. Nitro now has more than 490,000 businesses running its services, including more than 50pc of the companies in the Fortune 500.

Aside from Dublin and its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, the company also has offices in Nitra, Slovakia, and St Petersburg, Russia.

Back in Ireland however, the company employs 40 people, and expects to grow to a staff of 100 people in the next 12 to 18 months.

As one of the attendees of the first Career Zoo of the year, O’Keeffe has this advice for job-seekers who may not have a tech background but want to get into the growing industry: “If people were looking to move to one business discipline from another one, or more tactical one, (tech meet-ups) would be a great place for them to go to. Look for those meet-ups and actually understand and do a bit of networking and see where you can go from there.”

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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