Career Zoo: interview with Mike Naughton, ServiceSource Dublin
Mike Naughton, service centre head, ServiceSource Dublin

Career Zoo: interview with Mike Naughton, ServiceSource Dublin

16 Sep 2014

At Career Zoo, Mike Naughton, service centre head at ServiceSource Dublin, discussed increasing competition in the tech jobs market and how diversity adds excitement to his workplace.

Naughton expressed his keen awareness of the need to raise brand awareness of ServiceSource in order to attract talent in an increasingly more challenging market.

“Over the last 18 months, we can see that the marketplace is getting more competitive,” said Naughton.

“A lot of our competitors – a lot of the technology companies – are actively recruiting again, and it’s putting more of a challenge on companies like ours to make more of a value proposition to people to come and join ServiceSource.”

ServiceSource is a sales process provider for tech companies and its Dublin office serves 22 countries across Europe, requiring support in up to 18 languages. The result is a workplace where 90pc of the population come from abroad – which makes for a fun office around World Cup time!

Career Zoo interview: Mike Naughton, ServiceSource

Elaine Burke
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