Career Zoo: The changing diversity within tech (video)

23 Feb 2015

February saw Career Zoo return to Dublin and we asked a number of employers if they had experienced a change in employee demographics within the ever-innovative tech industry.

With a strong focus on fin tech, coding and bio-chem, the Convention Centre Dublin played host to a swathe of employers looking to hire from the estimated 10,000+ hopeful job-seekers in attendance on 21 February.

The Bio Cluster Zone highlighted Ireland’s growing base of pharma companies, while a dedicated Coder Hack Space saw peer groups of numerous disciplines liaise with job-seekers about how to further, or even start, their career in IT.

Fin-tech employers such as Accenture, Pramerica, and Fidelity Investments hosted stands and even hosted talks on what job-seekers can expect from the burgeoning industry.

At the event we wanted to establish just how much diversity there now is in both applicants and employees across Ireland’s tech scene.

Indeed the future of engineering, in particular, in Ireland depends on female involvement and convergence to IT, with just 8pc of all industry professionals in the country being women.

Elsewhere, programmers we spoke to recently lamented the stagnant make-up of their workplaces, with the majority of staff coming from identical backgrounds, with the same cultural influences no doubt restricting creativity.

We will have full interviews with a selection of employers going live soon, but for now here is a look at who was at Career Zoo and what they thought of today’s employee environment.

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Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt joined Silicon Republic in October 2014 as a journalist. He spends most of his time avoiding conversations about music, appreciating even the least creative pun and rueing the day he panicked when meeting Paul McGrath. His favourite thing on the internet is the ‘Random Article’ link on Wikipedia.

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