connects job seekers with companies

17 Aug 2011

New networking website is aiming to directly connect job seekers with companies to increase job seekers’ chances of securing their dream jobs., self-described as “a recruitment agency-free zone”, allows job seekers to connect with companies they are interested in working with by following these companies the website. Then, an any news, events or job vacancies posted by the companies will appear in a job seeker’s’s live feed.

The website is designed to give job seekers a head start in their job hunt and to place them a step closer to being spotted by a company.

“When people apply for a job on, they know that the company will at least see their application and let companies know (candidates) are interested in building a connection with them by following that company,” said in a statement. allows employers to view the profiles of candidates who are following their companies. If an employer likes what they see in a candidate’s profile, or if they think the candidate might have what it takes to work at his or her company, the employer can contact the candidate directly.

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