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10 top companies hiring coders right now

20 Oct 2016

We hear more and more about how important coding skills are becoming. But what jobs can coders get, and who’s hiring?

We’re essentially slap-bang in the middle of Europe Code Week. Since Monday (17 October), we at have been looking at coding from a number of angles.

A big focus of our coverage has been on the learning of coding skills, and why it’s essential that more people get a grounding in code.

But what kinds of jobs can arise from a background in coding? Well, coders can head into careers in software development, app development, programming, data science and a host of other areas you might not immediately think of.

Certain roles in marketing, UI and UX, research, and white-hat hacking also involve coding.

But for coders, knowing the roles is one thing – finding one is quite another.

While there’s no shortage of coding-related jobs in the ever-expanding tech careers sphere, it can be challenging to wade through the myriad opportunities to find ones that match your skill set.

To save you some time and effort, we dove in to the Irish tech jobs market to find some of the top companies hiring coders right now:


Accenture is currently offering roles for front-end and big data developers and junior designers, among others.


AOL is now hiring java developers and software engineers across all levels.


Aon is currently recruiting for roles in data and front-end development, UX and data analysis.


At present, Asavie has openings for software architects, test engineers and software engineers.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is currently recruiting developers and analysts across a number of areas.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity is now hiring UX designers and software engineering developers, among others.


Intel is currently offering roles in software engineering and data science.


At present, Pramerica is seeking applicants for roles in development, engineering and data science.

Storm Technology

Storm is currently recruiting developers and solutions architects.

Version 1

Version 1 currently has openings for developers and DBAs.

Looking for jobs in tech or science? Check out our Employer Profiles for information on companies hiring right now.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

Kirsty Tobin served as careers editor of Silicon Republic from 2015 up to August 2017. When she was younger, she had a dream where she started and won a fight with a T-Rex, so she’s pretty sure she kicked butt at this, too. Passions include eating all the cake, watching more TV than is healthy and sassy comebacks.

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