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All of these companies are hiring in UX design

18 Jun 2018

No matter how sophisticated your software, it will be all be for naught if the UX is lacking. Knowing this, these companies are recruiting in the areas of UX design, UI design and front-end development.

Every company is looking for superstars who can innovate and produce the best, most efficient code to suit the required purpose.

Yet creating great code is not just about knowing a variety of languages or being able to weave sophisticated yarns in the back-end. Indeed, if the user interface is clunky, you can’t really say that your product truly succeeds. It’s such a pity because a difficult-to-navigate website can put people off what is an otherwise wonderful product, like a diamond covered in soot.

The top tech companies are aware of how imperative the user experience (UX) really is, and these companies in particular are currently recruiting for professionals in front-end development, UX design and UI design.


Oath, formerly known as AOL, is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. It serves as the digital content arm. It is the parent company of beloved websites such as HuffPost, Tumblr, Yahoo and TechCrunch.

Oath has a number of openings for front-end developers.

New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company that lets developers, ops and tech teams monitor the performance of their apps and infrastructure. The company’s founder, Lew Cirne, is a pioneer in the field of application performance management software.

In April, the company revealed that Dublin would be the location for its new European headquarters, promising to bring 200 jobs to Ireland.

It is currently recruiting for front-end developers.


Accenture is one of the world’s leading professional services firms and can boast having the lion’s share of the Fortune Global 100 and Fortune Global 500 on its client roster. With an employee headcount coming in at a staggering 425,000, joining Accenture amounts to becoming part of a vast network, the reach of which extends to even the most far-flung places in the world.

It has a variety of positions in UX, visual and digital design, and solution architecture.


Dropbox is a file-hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronisation and cloud software for both individual and client users. Many of us owe the company a debt for helping to eliminate the meltdowns of yore when a sudden crash or power cut meant you ended up losing all of your work unless you had the foresight to back it up.

It is seeking applicants for front-end development roles.


As one of the fastest-growing business applications of all time, Slack of course puts a huge premium on ensuring that the UX is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for its clients.

It is looking for front-end infrastructure and performance engineers.


eShopWorld helps online retailers to localise the shopping experience for its customers by instantly converting things such as currency and sizing to befit whatever location they’re buying from. It’s of paramount importance to the company, therefore, that the UX is optimal, so it is recruiting for a number of roles in that area.


Pramerica is the business and technology arm of Prudential Financial, a massive global financial services and products provider. It has a variety of software roles available in front-end development.

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