Cork bar uses Snapchat to find ‘app’licants

27 Jun 2014

Sober Lane is going about the hiring of staff for its new Dublin pub in a particularly modern way, by asking that all applications be sent through messaging app Snapchat.

Having started off with its Cork-based pub, Sober Lane will now be looking to expand to Dublin without the laborious task of trawling through hundreds of CVs.

As of yet, the bar has received more than 800 applications via Snapchat for 15 and 20 positions.

With Snapchat introducing video messaging last May, applicants have sent a variety of messages to Sober Lane, from a standard welcoming message to ones in which they tell various jokes and perform routines, which is certainly that different than the standard CV that presents a punctual and hard-working applicant.

Speaking to The Journal, the pub’s owner Ernest Cantillon said the decision to use the app for job applications has been the easiest decision, and more importantly, does not give anyone any advantages.

“We’re new in Dublin, we wouldn’t be well known so first impressions is everything … (but) social media is a great level playing field and if you’re first and you’re clever, then you’ll get the real coverage.”

Snapchat image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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