Cork data centre creates 10 new high-skill jobs

30 Apr 2010

Ten new high-skill jobs have been created by the doubling of capacity at a Cork-based green data centre. The new jobs at Cork Internet Exchange will be at a post-graduate level in software and networking.

Cork Internet Exchange said it is expanding its capacity by 100pc to fulfil the increasing demand for IT outsourcing, cloud computing and co-location by Irish and overseas companies.

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan welcomed the jobs announcement as he visited the data centre at Holyhill in Cork today: “The Cork Internet Exchange is in a strong position to deliver cost-effective, reliable and secure IT services for businesses across all sectors in the Munster region. With an energy-efficient facility like this creating new jobs, the local economy in Cork is undoubtedly green.”

Energy-efficient data centre

“Since commencing operations in March 2008, the data centre has experienced strong growth, leading us to double capacity. Outsourcing plays a key role in competitiveness and co-location in a high-availability facility such as Cork Internet Exchange is a vital part of the outsourcing process,” said Jerry Sweeney, managing director, Cork Internet Exchange.

“Cork Internet Exchange was one of the first data centres in Ireland to use a green cooling system that is highly energy efficient, utilising cold-aisle containment, and free-cooling technology. The water-based cooling system makes us one of the most energy-efficient data centres in Ireland,” he added.

High-speed broadband at reduced cost

Ryan also today welcomed a Cork Internet Exchange initiative to provide high-speed broadband to businesses and consumers in the Munster region at a reduced cost.

The data centre has entered into contracts to use BT and ESB-owned fibre-optic cables connecting Cork with Dublin, terminating at two Dublin-based data centres, Interxion and DEG. As part of the initiative, the Internet Neutral Exchange Association (INEX), Ireland’s internet exchange point, will be connected to this new resilient gigabit ethernet fibre ring, which will dramatically reduce the cost of connectivity between Cork and Dublin.

Cork Internet Exchange is also the switching centre for Cork Neutral Internet Exchange (CNIX), a not-for-profit organisation that provides faster, more reliable internet access. CNIX is a neutral peering service that allows its members to route internet traffic efficiently, preventing the need for traffic that originates and terminates in Munster having to first go to Dublin.

It was also announced today that a new voice over IP DNS service initiative between CNIX and IEDR, the registry for .ie internet domain names, will be launched out of Cork Internet Exchange. 

The service will run initially on a pilot basis with a view to future expansion. It will help to promote the use of VoIP in Ireland. Voice over IP creates the opportunity for free telephone calls.


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