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6 top international companies hiring in data right now

14 Feb 2017

Looking for data jobs, but bored by data science and data analytics roles? These companies may just give you the chance.

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We’re all familiar with the stereotypical data jobs in tech: data analysts and data scientists. It would be very easy to believe they’re the only ones that exist.

In reality, however, the career opportunities in data stretch far beyond this relatively narrow area.

As we continue to build a data-driven world, the number and variety of roles that involve working with data – and adjacent to data – grows by necessity.

While those data scientist and data analyst jobs are taking the lion’s share of attention, other positions toil away in the background. From data centre engineers, technicians and managers to cloud specialists and chip designers, there is a whole host of data-focused roles that serve as the building blocks of a connected future.

We will be examining some of those roles (and more) in depth later this week, but, in the meantime, we’ve taken a dive into the global data jobs market to find some of the top companies who are hiring in data around the world.


To try and list all of the data-related roles on offer at Accenture would be Sisyphean – the professional services company is currently advertising for positions around the world in cloud computing, infrastructure transformation and security.

The roles on offer include a data centre manager position in Santiago, Chile, a data centre lead engineer in Maryland, US, and a cloud infrastructure transformation consultant in Paris.


At the AOL-owned Verizon’s Los Angeles location, AOL is hiring for data centre technicians, senior cloud enablement engineers and network infrastructure project managers.


Tech giant Dropbox has a global data footprint. To support it, the company is seeking an infrastructure engineering manager in Seattle, and infrastructure security engineers and data centre engineers in San Francisco.

Fidelity International

Finance is a data-heavy sector, so data roles are not uncommon within it. Investment services firm Fidelity International is currently hiring in data governance and data services infrastructure.


Intel is best known for its innovations in chip design – which are central to smartphone and laptop design, and instrumental to future growth in the internet of things – but data plays a big part in those innovations.

The company is currently hiring data centre engineers in Santa Clara, US, a data centre solutions technical specialist in Malaysia, and a data privacy, data protection and security lawyer in the UK, among other roles.


U-blox creates wireless semiconductors and modules for the internet of things, designing the tech that carries data between devices. The company is currently hiring for RF engineers in Cork, Athens and Sgonico (Italy).

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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