Diaspora jobs engine ConnectIreland forecasts 800 new jobs over next three years

19 Jul 2012

ConnectIreland, a programme appointed by IDA Ireland to tap into Ireland’s diaspora and bring in investment projects to generate jobs, says it has a strong pipeline of investors with more than 200 companies referred so far. It anticipates 800 jobs will be generated over the next three years from 10 to 12 potential investors.

Just four months after launch, ConnectIreland says almost 200 companies have been suggested via the referral marketing programme which rewards ‘connectors’ for introductions to companies seeking to expand internationally and which subsequently invest and create new jobs in Ireland.

IDA Ireland appointed ConnectIreland earlier this year to deliver the Succeed in Ireland initiative as part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2012 which aims to create 5,000 new jobs over five years.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) specialists in ConnectIreland are now examining the viability of between 10 and 12 possible investment projects with decisions expected by year end.

Internationally traded services and IT companies represent the bulk of potential investors, with several indicating that a base in Ireland would serve as their EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) headquarters.

“The ConnectIreland programme clearly demonstrates that Ireland is still seen as an attractive investment location,” Terry Clune, chairman of ConnectIreland, explained.

“We are in talks with companies who are now actively considering locating operations in Ireland as a direct result of introductions made via our referral marketing programme.

“Ireland was not on the radar of these companies previously, however as a result of connector’s introductions they now know the multitude of reasons to locate a growing business here. Not of all of these companies will convert to investment in Ireland but all of them now know why Ireland is the best business location in Europe.”

ConnectIreland’s referral programme

Under the referral programme, individuals are asked, through their own network of contacts, to identify and make introductions to overseas companies considering international expansion.

For every new job created under the programme the ‘connector’ facilitating the introduction will receive a minimum financial reward of €1,500 per job up to a maximum of 100 jobs.

“ConnectIreland is a first of its kind programme empowering people to do something positive about the economic situation in Ireland and be part of its recovery. We’ve had a fantastic response from people in Ireland and worldwide to our programme. Now is the time to create new jobs in Ireland and we are urging people to get in touch with ConnectIreland,” Clune said.

American company Intergeo Services, which will create 30 engineering jobs in Carlow, was the first company brought to Ireland via the ConnectIreland programme in May.

The connector, a local civil engineer, will receive a payment of €45,000 from the Irish Government for helping to create new jobs in Ireland.

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