Dublin home care company announces 100 new jobs

27 Sep 2010

ViviHomeCare Ltd has announced the addition of 100 new jobs in its Dublin-based operation.

Vivihomecare, an Irish home care organisation providing health, social care and home help to persons living at home, say there is a possibility this number could rise in coming months.

“In these times of austerity, it is essential to have more competition in the homecare market to help keep costs down. Homecare is a viable and more affordable alternative to a hospital or nursing home setting. Other advantages of home-based care are reduced risks of hospital acquired infections or ‘superbugs’, one-to-one personal treatment not to mention the convenience and freedom it allows. With individually tailored care packages from one-hour to 24-hour live-in care, ViviHomeCare are committed to providing the highest standards based quality of care at affordable prices,” said Niamh Wallace, client services manager and director of ViviHomeCare.

ViviHomeCare say these expansions will bring competition to the Irish homecare market and provide quality care to Dublin and the greater Dublin area.

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