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Millennial training company EngageSmith plans to hire 20 in Dublin

9 May 2017

EngageSmith, a training company specifically aimed at hiring millennials, has announced plans to hire 20 staff following a €400,000 investment.

Founded in 2014, EngageSmith is a training company created to help companies attract, engage and retain millennial talent, and bridge the divide among generations in the workplace.

The Dublin-based company said that it plans to hire 20 additional staff by the end of 2019 to further develop its range of educational and e-learning products to respond to the growing demand for millennial training in organisations.

The roles are expected to be in the areas of product and programme development, marketing, international business and franchise development, as well as training and programme delivery.

The new recruitment push follows an injection of €400,000 in private funding for EngageSmith, which it said will also help to expand its international marketing and operating systems.

EngageSmith is working with 12 large Irish-based native and multinational companies with programmes geared for the indigenous market. It is now setting its sights on similar projects for the UK and US.

Financially, the company has doubled its revenues year-on-year for the last two years and said it is on target to surpass the growth level in 2017, having already seen a 50pc increase in demand this year.

Lisa Smith, founder of EngageSmith, said: “As Ireland approaches full employment, we’re seeing more and more companies struggling to attract and retain this talent pool.

“Several of our clients have over 80pc millennials in their workforce.

“Companies like these need to adopt millennial-friendly programmes now or suffer the consequence of high attrition levels.”

Research into the future of the workplace has found that by 2030, an estimated 75pc of the world’s workers will be made up of millennials, who already account for 50pc of the global workforce.

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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