Sinead Gogan, head of human resources, Fidelity Investments
Sinead Gogan, head of human resources, Fidelity Investments. Image: Connor McKenna

Fidelity Investments seeks employees who want to touch lives (video)

15 Oct 2015

Speaking to for the Look Inside series, Sinead Gogan, head of human resources at Fidelity Investments in Ireland, discusses the roles Fidelity is hiring for right now and what the company looks for from candidates.

Skills and qualifications are an obvious requirement for a career at Fidelity, but just as essential is the right attitude, said Gogan: “We want people who are going to embrace our thinking… We want people who are willing to come here and invest in their careers, and stay over the long-term, and help us do great things for our customers.”

Furthermore, an interest in developing your own skill base is hugely important, with “If you can learn it, we can teach it,” somewhat of a slogan within the company.

Gogan detailed the different ways people can find work with Fidelity, talking about paid internships, the Leap graduate programme, and roles for experienced hires.

Mentioning some of these roles, Gogan touched on the range of opportunities available across a wide variety of areas, from product management to software engineers, from R&D to cybersecurity, and from trade operations to finance.

Gogan also spoke about the Fidelity ethos – “Fidelity is about financial services, but it’s so much bigger than that… Whether you’re working here creating software or analysing data, you’re not just touching code, or not just looking at numbers – what you’re doing is touching people’s lives.

“We have a very privileged position and we take that very seriously – to make sure that we help people realise their dreams – and we want people to come and help us do that.”

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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