Figures suggest global employment on the increase

13 Oct 2010

Businesses around the globe have plans to hire new staff in 2011, which could be a significant indicator of global economic recovery, a recent survey suggests.

According to the Regus Business Tracker survey, businesses across the world are looking to hire new staff, which suggests that growth is on a sustainable upward trajectory.

The figures indicate that companies have warmed up to the idea of employing new staff, with 36pc of companies surveyed saying they intend to increase employee numbers.

Businesses in Ireland, however, went against the global trend, with less than a fifth, 19pc net, of companies electing to add new staff in 2011.

Increasing the headcount

“The intention to increase headcount is a clear indicator that businesses want to be prepared to grasp the opportunities that recovering markets may throw their way. In Ireland in particular, the rate of unemployment is currently at 13.7pc, the highest rating in 16 years, and the number of people signing up for State assistance is reported to be rising by 1,700 each week,” said Mark Dixon, chief executive of workspace solutions provider Regus.

“These figures, however, include part-time and casual workers, whose numbers have increased year-on-year showing businesses are becoming more interested in signing up part-time workers,” Dixon added.

The survey canvassed the opinions of more than 10,000 senior business people in 78 countries, asking them about their current revenue performance, profitability, projected future revenues and wider expectations of national economic growth.

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