Versioon 1 Super Grad graduate programme
Version 1's graduate programme is called Super Grads

Version 1 wants ‘Super Grads’, but can you be one?

20 Oct 2015

Version 1’s 2016 graduate programme is accepting applicants for a couple more weeks, but have you what it takes?

“You don’t need X-ray vision to work in Version 1, just unlimited ambition,” said the company, with its 2016 ‘Super Grads’ programme potentially seeing around 60 graduates join Version 1 over the year.

The graduate option is becoming more appealing to companies like Version 1 now that “the quality is getting better”, that’s according to Lorraine O’Sullivan, who spoke with us at Career Zoo last month.

“People are looking to challenge themselves,” she said, noting her area of infrastructure at Version 1 finds it difficult to find the right talent.

The programme begins in January (application deadline is 8 November) and applications for the summer and autumn ‘SuperGrad’ intakes are also now open, with a full-time job on offer at the IT services company to those who successfully negotiate the process.

That’s right, despite it being a graduate programme, the role on offer isn’t a short-term contract – it’s a full-time gig.

So were graduates to get the nod they would join a 700-strong workforce at Version 1 and work across technologies, or industries, of their choosing.

“We don’t believe in the typical profile of a graduate consultant,” said the company, “slaving away to make up margins and spending their time locked away in a room to all hours of the night. Here we invest in people rather than a production line of grads.

IT roles are continually driving the Irish jobs market, with a monthly rise in the job opportunities becoming available. From a graduate’s perspective, programmes like this are often ideal routes into the job market.

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