How to become a hacker (infographic)

6 Jan 2015

The word ‘hacking’ brings with it numerous negative connotations nowadays, but there are ways to make a career out of such a skill set.

Cybersecurity is big business today, with major companies dotted all around the world with a sole purpose: to protect their clients.

Awareness of cyberthreats and an ability to predict what’s next, aligned to strong coding skills, make quite a mix when looking to make your way today. However C++, HTML, Ruby and Java knowledge are one thing, working out how to breach secure lines are another.

Breaking into ‘secure’ pieces of software is often the best way to strenghthen it, with the subsequent knowledge gained invaluable for companies looking to eliminate threats.

More than 50pc of Irish companies cite budget as the main obstacle to their cybersecurity programme, but with a global industry soon to be worth US$155bn, it’s clear where employment opportunities will emerge.

Ireland is an ideal place for budding cybersecurity enthusiasts, given the plethora of tech companies based on its shores. However, that’s not to say that global opportunities don’t exist, too.

This infographic from in the US sets a good scene for how you can make your hacking skills pay off with the right job.

Cybersecurity image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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