IBEC launches Jobs Manifesto for Election 2011

7 Feb 2011

IBEC today launched its Jobs Manifesto for Election 2011, which outlined an array of reforms that are required to restore domestic and international confidence and economic growth in Ireland.

According to IBEC’s report, reformation of labour market and welfare systems should be a priority, and also an intensive drive to get “the cost base back into line with competitor economies” is necessary.

Danny McCoy IBEC director general stated: “The most important task facing the next government is getting people back to work. Every decision must take into account the impact on jobs. The right policies will help restore our economic fortunes, but the wrong ones will prolong the economic pain.”

In the first 100 days, IBEC’s Jobs Manifesto suggests that the government should sanction a senior minister to push the jobs agenda across government, introduce a loan guarantee scheme for SMEs, the welfare system should increase incentives to encourage work,  the system for regulated wage agreements need to be reviewed, and the national minimum wage at €7.65 must be maintained.

McCoy added, “The EU/IMF loan agreement will limit a new government’s room for manoeuvre, but there is an opportunity for a fresh approach. Recent years have been dominated by crisis management – what we need now is a plan for the future.”

The Manifesto also recommends an introduction of property tax to support local authority services, increase Ireland attractiveness to encourage inward investment, and to repeat its commitment to the corporate tax rate, begin an “audit of all planned infrastructure projects and prioritising those that may be funded through PPPs or other non-Exchequer sources.”

McCoy concluded by stating, “A new government must reform how the country and the economy is governed. We must learn from our mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated. The economic crisis demands an overhaul of the welfare system and labour market rules, major reform of the public sector, and a definitive solution to the banking crisis. Only then can we hope to restore our international reputation and move forward with confidence,”.

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