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40 new jobs for Cork as Innowatts expands in Europe

26 Apr 2021

The energy software company will hire data architects, data scientists, full-stack and DevOps engineers and a number of energy specialists.

Innowatts has chosen Cork for its new European headquarters and plans to create 40 new energy transition jobs for the region.

The US-headquartered company, which provides an AI-enabled SaaS platform for global energy providers, has today (26 April) announced its plans to expand in Europe.

Innowatts partners with energy retailers and grid operators such as Direct Energy and Shell. It has operated in Europe since 2019.

The new European headquarters in Cork will focus on providing AI-driven data and analysis to deliver insights and services for the European and global electricity market.

As part of the expansion, Innowatts will seek to hire data architects, data scientists, full-stack and DevOps engineers as well as energy specialists such as wholesale market traders, forecasters and risk managers.

Innowatts’ chief product and technology officer and general manager for Europe, David Boundy, said electricity suppliers and grid operators need data insights more than ever as Europe aims to reduce net carbon emissions by at least 55pc by 2030 and become climate neutral by 2050.

“The goal for our expansion in Europe is to help electricity suppliers, grid operators and their customers make the most out of the transition to a smarter, greener energy system,” he said.

Innowatts’ AI-driven platform is connected to more than 43m smart metres worldwide, which allows it to analyse more than 5bn data points every hour, according to the company.

Its commercial director for Europe, Mike Kelleher, said: “This data has enormous potential to help electricity suppliers and grid operators unlock new opportunities that gives them and their customers more control, choice and flexibility. Whether that is through highlighting EV connection hotspots or identifying trends for time of use tariffs, we’re here to help the market on this journey.”

IDA Ireland’s CEO, Martin Shanahan, added that the 40 new jobs created will be of “considerable economic benefit” to Cork. “Innowatts’ decision to establish an Irish base from which to expand its European operations is very welcome news and closely aligns with IDA’s aim of winning investments in new sustainability-related activities,” he said.

For more information about working for Innowatts, check out its career page.

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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