Photo of Cliodhna Ni Scanaill, senior software engineer working in IoT at Intel
Cliodhna Ni Scanaill, senior software engineer at Intel. Image: Connor McKenna

An IoT career will give you the ability to move and learn

22 Mar 2017

Want to work in the exciting world of IoT? We spoke to senior software engineer, Cliodhna Ni Scanaill about her career at Intel.

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the biggest sectors in tech right now.

There are countless jobs within the sector and with the advancements in software development and emerging technologies, those jobs will only multiply.

Tech giant Intel is one of the top companies at the forefront of cutting-edge technology when it comes to IoT.

As the world’s largest chip maker, Intel is one of the best places to go if you’re interested in an IoT career.

“I’ve had a very interesting career at Intel,” said Cliodhna Ni Scanaill, senior software engineer at Intel.

Ni Scanaill has worked in Intel for more than 10 years, with her career in the company spanning three different roles, starting as an engineer and researcher in digital health.

“About five years ago, I moved to the internet of things research group, learning all about different smart cities applications and challenges in deploying sensors into the real world,” she said. “It’s very easy to have sensors and get them working in your lab at home.”

Ni Scanaill was at Career Zoo on 11 March discussing IoT careers as part of a panel on the main stage. She recently moved to the IoT wearables group within Intel, which develops product.

For engineers who are interested in working in the IoT sector, Ni Scanaill said Intel hires a broad variety of engineers, including chemical and industrial as well as mathematicians and physicists. “I’m a biomedical electronics engineer so I understand medical devices and IT as well.”

With the wide range of fields, research groups and sectors within the world of IoT, Ni Scanaill said being an engineer in this sector is not just limited to one thing and there are plenty of options for someone who wants an IoT career.

“The beauty of being an engineer is that you’ve an ability to pivot, learn new things rapidly and just move, move and learn.”

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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