Irish tech sector futureproof thanks to variety and education

14 Aug 2015

Last week, we noticed something — tech jobs announcements were beginning to slow down to a trickle. That slackening off continued this week, but there was by no means a slackening in the tech sector.

Pure Telecoms, RE:SURE and Effective Software all made tech sector jobs announcements over the last week, but the real story has to be how successful the industry is in Ireland on the whole.

Perhaps the most confidence-inspiring news to break this week was the announcement that job listings in Ireland are up 33pc, with the tech sector, in particular, booming.

IT is opening its doors to a far broader range of talents than ever before, with niche skills such as Angular JS and Bootstrap being increasingly called for.

Furthermore, the success of Career Zoo – which this week announced its 10th event – is testament to the tech sector’s strengths. More people than ever are seeking tech roles, says Career Zoo, and they attend these events to find them.

Indeed, Ireland now offers such a varied tech scene that the country is experiencing its biggest-ever surge in inbound tech talent, with more professionals arriving to take up jobs in Ireland than there are leaving.

But, as always, it’s not just those already in the industry who are benefitting from its successes.

The tech sector is clearly a massive draw for students and school leavers. This week, it was announced that there has been a huge surge in those taking up science subjects, indicating that students know that tech is the future.

And those interested in the tech sector are getting involved at younger and younger ages. This week, we heard from Niamh Scanlon, 12, who’s over in London taking part in the incredible Outbox Incubator.

She’s there to develop two fantastic apps she’s built using skills she learned through CoderDojo. The tech sector future may be in safe hands.

Of course, it’s not all candy and roses in the industry.

Women are still drastically underrepresented in the tech sector. This week, we ran an infographic detailing just how off kilter the gender balance is in Europe, and highlighting why we need more women to get involved.

The short answer? Gender diversity benefits companies. And businesses with a woman on the executive team are more likely to have higher valuations at both first and last funding.

Although it’s not just lack of diversity that’s damaging to the tech sector. The robots aren’t helping either.

Almost half of the businesses in Ireland have reduced the number of employees on the books by replacing them with machines and other automated systems. Is it only a matter of time before tech employees are replaced, too?

After planting that grim thought in your head, here’s something to cheer you up.

Thousands of students received their Leaving Cert results this week. The night before results came out, we posted 10 memes to lighten the mood, throwing students back to the days when they still had exams to worry about – and reminding them just how little they needed to worry.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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