David Ryan, Jet.com
David Ryan, Dublin site lead, Jet.com. Image: Connor McKenna

Jet.com is looking for great talent for its Dublin office

18 Apr 2017

Jet.com was at Career Zoo last month looking for great talent and showcasing what it does best.

From humble beginnings in 2014, to becoming the second-biggest online retail site in America, Jet.com has more than made a name for itself.

The company has grown from 30 people in 2015 to 2,000 today and, since its acquisition by multinational corporation Walmart, it is now looking for even more talent in Dublin.

Speaking to Siliconrepublic.com earlier this year, co-founder Mike Hanrahan said that the talent pool in Dublin is incredible. “Every major tech company in the US has a presence in Dublin, from Microsoft to Google and Twitter.”

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Jet was at Career Zoo last month. There, we spoke to the company’s Dublin site lead, David Ryan. He said he was there to talk to people, announce Jet’s arrival and showcase what it does.

“Jet is not shoppable in Europe but it is the second-biggest online retail site in America,” he said. “We’re looking for great talent, I think we’re going to find it here.”

The Walmart acquisition was completed in September 2016 and, at $3bn, it was the largest of its kind for an online start-up.

We asked Ryan how such a massive acquisition might affect Jet. “It’s a challenge that we’re willing to accept,” he said.

“It hasn’t really affected the culture at all, but when you’re dealing with something like 250m pricing updates a day, 4.5bn cart calculations, 3,000 searches a second – that’s an incredibly engaging challenge to operate within.”

As part of the expansion, Jet is looking for talented people to join the team, and Ryan said that there are many types of roles available at the moment.

“We’re looking for people who are interested in functional programming, so it might be Scala, it could be C#,” he said. Jet is also looking for people who are interested in big APIs, security, search and DevOps.

Ryan said: “We are an engine that’s going to ensure continued growth for Walmart.com.”

Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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