Jobs advertised online up by 5pc – report

8 Nov 2012

Job opportunities advertised online rose by 5pc in the third quarter of this year, representing a 13pc year-on-year increase overall, according to the Jobs Index for Q3 2012.

The report, which looked at all corporate jobs advertised on and from July through September this year, found that the IT sector was one of those driving this growth, with vacancies advertised online for this sector up by 5pc.

Other sectors seeing an increase in job opportunities were transport (35pc), marketing (30pc), hotel and catering (20pc), sales (10pc), customer services (8pc), and banking and finance (5pc).

“The picture presented by the Jobs Index remains a mixed one across sectors,” said Dr Stephen Kinsella, lecturer in economics at University of Limerick and author of the report. “While total jobs advertised are up by 5pc, some sectors are experiencing solid year-on-year gains while others struggle.”

Those sectors which are seeing a decline in job vacancies are production, manufacturing and materials; education and childcare; publishing; legal services and tourism.

“The Jobs Index tells us that the number of positions advertised is positive overall in 2012,” said Jane Lorigan, CEO Europe of, which operates the two job sites.

“The goal should now be achieving increasing stability across all sectors. Ireland also faces the challenge of bridging a skills gap in certain IT and language-based roles, which is vital to ensure the continued presence of many of our multi-national employers and which should lead to increased opportunities in the future,” she added.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

Elaine Burke is editor of Silicon Republic, having served a few years as managing editor up to 2019. She joined in 2011 as a journalist covering gadgets, new media and tech jobs. She comes from a background in publishing and is known for being particularly pernickety when it comes to spelling and grammar – earning her the nickname, Critical Red Pen.

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