Jobs announcements boost Shannon, Chamber CEO says

19 Apr 2011

Recent announcements from international players ZAGG and Lockheed Martin send a signal globally that Shannon Free Zone should not be overlooked for technological undertakings, according to Shannon Chamber chief executive Helen Downes.

ZAGG, a US-based maker of accessories for electronic devices, is to create up to 40 jobs over the next five years as a result of its establishing a European services centre in Shannon.

“The fact that a company of the calibre of ZAGG has chosen Shannon as a base for its European expansion is a boost in itself; the fact that it has chosen to do so in association with an already established business, such as Cregg Logistics, further endorses the fact that Shannon offers an unrivalled location and capability for conducting US-Europe business,” she said.

“The involvement of Cregg in consolidating this venture cannot be underestimated and clearly demonstrates the strengths of our local indigenous sector. ZAGG will be rewarded for its investment in the Shannon region with competent people and the support of Shannon Development.”

Downes noted the magnitude ($21m) of the announced technology contract between Shannon-based Bustec and US technology firm Lockheed Martin to supply data capture and testing equipment which will be used by the US Navy. The deal is expected to also create around 40 new jobs.

“All companies involved in this latest jobs and technology announcement for Shannon must be commended for playing their part in boosting Shannon’s jobs’ and exports’ potential. It’s been a win-win for everyone involved in the process, demonstrating the synergy that exists in Shannon for encouraging business set-up,” added Downes.

She added that Shannon Chamber was looking forward to the Government’s Jobs Initiative at the end of May, when the promised measures to create and protect jobs will be announced.

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