Increase in the number of professionals seeking a new job this year

9 Mar 2016

The number of professionals looking for a new role – be that changing companies or rejoining employment – is significantly up on last year, 14pc up, to be precise.

While the number of opportunities available is pretty similar to last year, the stark rise in professionals looking for new jobs is quite striking.

Morgan McKinley’s latest report shows significant talent shortages within the food, pharma and medtech sectors throughout the country, with a high availability of engineering and QA roles, in particular.

“The burgeoning tech start-up sector is winning the war for talent this month,” according to the report, with IT unsurprisingly still the main driver in the high-skills market.

But the influx of more demand from the employee side is noteworthy.

Steady growth in jobs

With German the language most in demand (Dutch and Arabic trail in second and third), the recruiter thinks steady job growth should be expected this year.

“Nationally, talent shortages remain challenging in high-skilled sectors and niche expertise is sought in manufacturing, engineering, IT and risk areas within banking and insurance,” said Morgan McKinley’s Bryan Hyland.

“This has led to salary inflation in these sectors where the talent pool is limited. Gradually, the market is recognising the need for a collective strategy to combat these shortages by attracting new talent to Ireland and luring expatriates back from overseas.”

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Gordon Hunt
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