Limerick tech firm Asystec to create 20 tech jobs in Ireland
Les Byrne, managing director, Asystec

Limerick tech firm Asystec to create 20 tech jobs in Ireland

21 Oct 2014

Limerick-headquartered tech company Asystec is to create 20 new tech jobs at four facilities in Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Limerick.

The 20 new jobs in the area of data management will have salaries of around €50,000 each.

The expansion, which amounts to an investment of €224,000 per facility, will double the workforce of Asystec in Ireland.

The expansion is being fuelled by growth in markets such as security, data analytics and IT transformation.

The company is also investing in a new R&D operation it calls Innovation Labs.

“The Innovation Labs will provide a unique ‘thinking factory’ style experience for Asystec clients, enabling critical and creative offsite thinking to achieve innovation in the use and exploitation of big data, data analysis and strategic business development relating to information existing and information required in the company,” said Les Byrne, co-founder and managing director of Asystec.

Building the next generation of IT

Privately-owned Asystec has been in operation for three years and includes global brands and multinationals in Ireland and the UK as customers.

“The mainframe computer is considered in tech terms at the first platform, while the second platform was the personal computer,” Byrne said. 

“We are now in the next revolution phase to the third platform, which is built on mobile computing, social networking, cloud services and big data analytics technology.

“This latest platform phase is transforming the entire IT and business environment and Asystec is poised to become a global leader in this space.”

Byrne added Asystec is involved in data analytics projects in China and the USA, as well as Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

John Kennedy
By John Kennedy

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