Buzzwords are actually a buzz kill for potential employers, LinkedIn reveals

Buzzword overkill on LinkedIn by ‘motivated’ and ‘enthusiastic’ Irish executives

21 Jan 2016

‘Motivated’ has emerged as the most overused buzzword on Irish LinkedIn profiles, along with ‘enthusiastic’, ‘passionate’ and ‘driven’.

LinkedIn analysed the profile summaries of Irish members to compile the list, which revealed that “motivated” is the most overused buzzword in Ireland for the second year running.

Other offenders on the list include “track record”, “creative”, “extensive experience”, “leadership”, “ambitious” and “responsible.

The professional social network LinkedIn now employs close to 1,000 people in Dublin.

Word up Irish LinkedIn users, just keep it real

“We wouldn’t describe ourselves as ‘motivated’, ‘driven’ or ‘strategic’ in real life, so why would anyone do that on a LinkedIn profile?” asked LinkedIn’s global head of consumer communications Darain Faraz, who says Irish users need to be more original in their approach.

“We’re encouraging our Irish members to show off achievements by sharing samples of their work like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how they are actually “passionate”, “successful” or “creative”, rather than use tired old buzzwords.”

He urged Irish LinkedIn users to banish such buzzwords and rejuvenate their profile with statics, photos and other ways of bringing their profiles to life.

Buzzwords are actually a buzz kill for potential employers

His advice is to firstly make your profile stand out from the crowd. Instead of claiming you demonstrate “leadership” actually show and provide examples.

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words still holds true. If you are indeed “creative” provide examples of your design work.

If you have fantastic social and “communication skills” post more news on LinkedIn as a way of proving your interest and knowledge of key topics.

He adds that if you want to show you are “motivated” join groups to share your thoughts on news or articles.

And, finally, spend time writing recommendations to highlight others you believe are “exceptional” in their line of work. This is good karma that is sure to come back for you.”

“A couple of glowing recommendations are worth a hundred buzzwords,” Faraz added.

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