Accenture Dublin’s collaborative workplace (video)
Vicky Godolphin, head of digital at Accenture Ireland

Accenture Dublin’s collaborative workplace (video)

3 Apr 2015

In our employer insights series, Vicky Godolphin, head of digital at Accenture Ireland, talks about the importance of new employees being the right fit for the company, and the company being the right fit for them.

It’s an interesting time for Accenture in Ireland, which recently announced plans to hire 250 new staff by the end of the summer.

In particular, Accenture will be recruiting candidates who have technology, digital and analytical skills with expertise in areas such as SAP, Oracle, cloud and analytics.

The new roles span a wide range of skills and capabilities and offer opportunities for many candidates, from experienced executives to entry level, including graduates.

Godolphin herself discusses entering Accenture at an experienced stage of your career.

“I’ve worked in a number of companies. I didn’t come into Accenture as a graduate, I came in as an experienced hire. I kind of ask myself every day ‘Do I want to go to work today?’. I’m still here and it’s because of the people.

“There’s a raft of technical skills that we look for, but we also look for soft skills. The ability to collaborate is very important because we look at the diversity of our teams, as well as the diversity of the jobs we do.”

The Look Inside video series offers an insight into our Featured Employers and the types of roles and candidates that companies are looking for.

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